A Convenient Way To Rehydrate In The Workplace

Working in a garage atmosphere tends to result in high temperatures and the need to hydrate frequently. Expecting your staff to pop quarters into a soda machine to acquire a carbonated beverage may have seemed reasonable initially. If the machine has malfunctioned on occasion or if your mechanics don’t have spare change or cash on hand, they will be much more appreciative of enjoying a refreshing bottle or cup of spring water that is furnished free of charge.

Reasons That You Shouldn't Pick Up Your Food At The Caterer's

When you place an ordering with a catering company, one of the questions that you’ll need to answer is whether you want to pick up the food yourself or have the caterer deliver it to your location. Often, there will be a price difference between these two options, with the former being a little cheaper. This can make you feel compelled to pick the food up yourself, but you might not be aware that this isn’t necessarily the best option.