3 Tips For Planning Lunch Catering For A Business Conference

If you are in charge of planning catering services for a large business conference, you likely have quite a bit of work ahead of you. From confirming special dietary requirements to planning snacks and a lunchtime meal, conference catering can be difficult to arrange. Make things easier for yourself by considering the following tips regarding the catered meal.  Forgo Dessert With Lunch  At most conferences, there is a coffee break shortly before lunch or available in the lobby throughout the day.

Food Service Managers: What They Need To Know

The business of food service management has a lot of intricacies that must be paid attention to in order to ensure that customers and employees alike have a safe and enjoyable experience with every meal. The job of a food service manager is to ensure that all of the proper rules and policies are adhered to at all times behind the closed doors of the kitchen. Food services usually involve meal preparation for large-scale facilities like hospitals, schools, or nursing homes.