A Convenient Way To Rehydrate In The Workplace

Working in a garage atmosphere tends to result in high temperatures and the need to hydrate frequently. Expecting your staff to pop quarters into a soda machine to acquire a carbonated beverage may have seemed reasonable initially. If the machine has malfunctioned on occasion or if your mechanics don't have spare change or cash on hand, they will be much more appreciative of enjoying a refreshing bottle or cup of spring water that is furnished free of charge.

Make A Small Investment That Will Be A Large Help

Drinking sodas or juices that are carbonated aren't exactly the healthiest beverage options. People with high blood sugar may even be restricted from drinking manufactured colas and fruit juices. Water is a drink that is essential to everyone and it will quickly quench one's thirst, resulting in minimal breaks and distractions in the workplace.

Additionally, a beverage that tends to be sticky can leave quite a mess in a repair bay or a customer's car. Why take chances with spills that could be difficult to clean up? Choosing water as your company's 'go-to' beverage is a decision that will prove beneficial in a big way.

Decide When/Where Products Are Delivered

Large jugs of fresh spring water, an automatic dispenser, and bottled products that can be stored inside of a refrigerator unit are some of the items that you can order from a water supplier. Tell a customer representative who works for the delivery service the types of products that you wish to order, the number of water jugs or bottles that you need, and when and where you prefer the items to be delivered. Most water delivery services will switch out empty jugs, whenever a customer requests a subsequent order of water.

Keep a few extra jugs on hands, so that you and your staff members will have a steady supply of water for a long duration. The water cooler can be placed in any room that has an electrical outlet that you can use. Once plugged in, the water will be refrigerated.

If you purchase a stack of disposable cups or a unit that has a built-in cup dispenser, place a trash can next to the water cooler and remind your staff to dispose of their cups after enjoying each refreshment. Invite your customers or vendors to help themselves to water, when a delivery is being dropped off or when a customer is waiting for their vehicle to be serviced. Visit a company like Dean's Waterservice Inc for assistance.