3 Tips For Planning Lunch Catering For A Business Conference

If you are in charge of planning catering services for a large business conference, you likely have quite a bit of work ahead of you. From confirming special dietary requirements to planning snacks and a lunchtime meal, conference catering can be difficult to arrange. Make things easier for yourself by considering the following tips regarding the catered meal. 

Forgo Dessert With Lunch 

At most conferences, there is a coffee break shortly before lunch or available in the lobby throughout the day. Usually, along with the coffee, there is an assortment of cookies and other sweets or fruits available for participants to snack on. By the time lunch is served, it is unlikely that your guests will want more sweets. Instead, consider ordering a balanced lunch for your participants that will give them plenty of energy to get through the day. You can have another cookie or sweets tray served during your afternoon break, which will cover your participants' dessert needs. 

Serve A Box Lunch

Unless you have planned a long lunch for networking purposes, it is a good idea to serve individually prepared box lunches to each of your guests. Serving a plated meal takes considerably more time than passing out box lunches, and buffets encourage participants to continue grazing once they are done with their first plate. A box lunch allows your participants to quickly get their lunch and then take it where they would like to eat. For example, some participants may want to eat out on the lawn as opposed to in the dining hall. 

Additionally, box lunches ensure that everyone gets the lunch that they ordered. With buffets, you run the risk of running out of vegetarian or gluten-free options if people who have not requested those options take them. 

Inform Your Participants How Lunch Will Work 

During your opening remarks, you should make a statement about how lunch will work. This should include where it will be served, whether participants need a name tag to access it, and how long it will be available. Many organizers wait until just before lunch to announce how lunch will be served, so some participants miss lunch because they are not in the room for the announcement or they have already made other lunch arrangements. 

When planning your event catering, it is important to consider these three tips. Consult with your caterer for any other words of advice on the event.