How To Organize The Menus For Your Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Are you in charge of this year's Thanksgiving family reunion? If so, one of the biggest items on your mind is probably all the food your guests will be expecting. By planning now, you can get ahead of the game and be in better control of that part of your reunion.

Start A List

A great plan is to write down all your menu-related thoughts on paper, even if you don't use all of your ideas. After you have finished writing everything down, you can start the process of elimination and just use your favorite ideas.

Don't forget things you may want to order ahead of time. For example, if you want a fresh turkey, talk to your butcher early so a good one can be reserved for you. You can even pay for it now and then pick it up the day before you're going to serve it.

Imagine how much ice will be consumed while you have a house full of guests. If you don't think your ice maker can keep up with the need for ice, consider assigning somebody who will buy ice which you can keep in a cooler.

Think about asking your guests to bring part of the food, not only for the main event of Thanksgiving dinner, but for other meals, too. For example, if one of your family members is known for making great cinnamon rolls, that individual would probably be honored to be asked to provide those for breakfast.

Make Menus

When you divide your list into the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, it will be easier for you to make a shopping list.

Think about keeping breakfasts simple. Boxed cereals, muffins you make ahead of time or you buy at a store served along with fruit is one idea. If you know your group will want a hot breakfast, think about buying pre-cooked bacon and sausage that you can heat in the microwave oven. Think about putting somebody in charge of making a huge pan of scrambled eggs. 

For lunches, consider either eating out or having the ingredients for everybody making sub sandwiches at home. Cookies or brownies are a great and easy dessert, too. Think about keeping a bunch of canned sodas and fruit drinks chilled in an ice chest and letting your guests help themselves to their own drinks.

It might be fun for your group to go out for dinner, especially if you select a restaurant that offers group dining. Don't forget to make reservations early so you won't have a long wait. Another idea is to order in pizza or something like Chinese food.

Remember, too, to buy enough ice to fill water glasses for your actual Thanksgiving dinner.