Three Barbecue Styles To Consider For Your Next Catering Event

Barbecue is one of the hottest food trends in the United States right now, and it's easy to see why. When it is done right, barbecue gives you incredible flavor while being easy to prepare for a large group. The next time you cater a large event, here are a few barbecue options that will delight your guests:

Carolina Barbecue

The mainstay of Carolina barbecue is pulled pork. It is usually served with a vinegar-based sauce, hush puppies, and black-eyed peas. One of the most traditional ways to cook this barbecue is to smoke the whole hog until the meat falls off the bones and they can be pulled out without any meat or connective tissue attached. Because this can often take over a day, it takes more planning and preparation. Nevertheless, it is something that most people have never truly experienced and it will give your guests a meal to remember.

Texas Barbecue

Texas barbecue is all about the beef. Brisket is a cut of meat that is very tough unless you cook it long enough to soften up the muscle fibers and cause the fat to melt. While many places serve brisket with a tomato-based barbecue sauce, the traditional Texas method is to avoid putting sauce on your brisket at all. This allows the flavor of the meat and the rub to completely come through without anything getting in its way. Texas barbecue also puts an emphasis on a house sausage that is made with scraps from the brisket and various herbs and spices. To top off your Texas barbecue, have lots of white bread and saltine crackers on hand.

Memphis Barbecue

Memphis barbecue is the third major variety of regional barbecue, with a focus on ribs and tomato-based sauces. This barbecue is what many people think of when they first imagine barbecue, so it could be a good option for your event if some of your attendees are not adventurous eaters. This can be a messy meal, so if you are concerned about any messes that could transfer to your attendees' clothes, you may want to forgo this option.  For sides, serve your meal with macaroni and cheese or cornbread to complete the meal.

These three regional styles of barbecue are wonderful in their own ways and each style can make a crowd go back again and again for seconds. Contact a company like Bassett Caterers to set up a great meal for your next event.